How To Effectively Set Your Goals…

“You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your blessings”

Write down your goals. When it comes to setting goals you have to be extremely clear about what you want and why you want it, in the utmost detail. Writing down your goals is the first step to effectively reaching them. When you are sure about what you want and put it down in writing, you increase the odds of achieving it. The Universe simply has no choice but to bring it to you. The Law of Attraction tells us that ‘like attracts like’ and the moment you sit down and put your dreams or goals on paper, you are consciously making the declaration and setting the intention.

Be specific. What do you want? Why do you want it? Does it have purpose and do you have a purpose? How badly do you want it? Are you willing to fight, sometimes surrender to be who you want to become or get what you want? At this point many people let fear creep in and they become scared to dream big because somehow the goal may seem unattainable. Perhaps it may look like it will take too long or it’s just too big. I urge you to dream big no matter how crazy or how unrealistic it may seem. Always make sure you ask yourself why you want something, eliminate the need to do something because of other people, competition or whats trending.

Visualise. See yourself with what you want, living that dream, living in your purpose. How does it feel? Are you fulfilled and what does that look like? See yourself. You are worthy. Yes, know deeply in your heart that you are worthy of reaching that goal. If in doubt, fake it. Fake it until it really begins to feel real. Feel the happiness, feel all the highs of living your dream or reaching your goals… feel it like it’s already happened.

Gratitude. Be in a state of gratitude. Be thankful to God, the Universe, for conspiring to make everything work in your favour for your highest good. Although it may have not manifested in the physical yet, but best believe you have already received it in the spiritual. So feel the feeling and awe of being grateful. Continue to praise and thank for the manifestation of your goal. Be thankful.

Match the vibration. Only focus on behaving like your goal has already manifested. The way you think, dress, talk and behave should reflect the the type of standard only accepted by that person who’s already living the said dream.. Take daily steps to match the vibration. For example, if your goal is financial freedom, then match the vibration by having an abundant mindset, you cannot say ‘i’m broke, i don’t have enough, that’s too expensive’ etc.. Your mindset and behaviour should shift to ‘the Universe is abundant, money is in constant flow, i have what i want when i need it’ and you can shift your behaviour by sharing more or not being stingy ect..

Surrender. Now surrender, Release the need to control how your goal manifests. Believe that you have already reached your goal in the spiritual and you’re only waiting for it to manifest in the physical. Its already yours. Doubts may try to creep in but rest in knowing that your blessing is on its way in the physical. By doubting, you confuse the Universe and send the vibration that you don’t to reach your goal or you’re not capable and deserving. Remember everything is energy. So surrender and continue to be in a positive state of mind.

Its all yours. I’m rooting for you!

Love Nothando x


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